What is unusual about Jonas and Gabes eyes? (2023)

What is unusual about Jonas and Gabes eyes?

Chapter 1: Summary : Jonas sees a fighter plane. He is apprehensive of the Ceremony of Twelve. Family shares feelings at dinner-a rule.

Jonas: main character; 11-getting ready to turn 12; thinks a lot-found right words.

Lily: a seven; Jonas’s little sister, tells story of play area.

Mother: a Judge

Father: a Nurturer- takes care of new children –One male needs extra help

Asher: Jonas’s friend, easily distracted, late, funny

Setting: community, evening, weird rules.

Point of View: third person limited

Chapter 2 Summary: Private conversation about the Ceremony of Twelve. We learn about how children are given to families and jobs assigned.

The Receiver : The most important Elder

Gabe : #36 the baby that isn’t growing fast enough

Chapter 3: Summary: Gabe, who has light eyes like Jonas, arrives at their dwelling. Jonas remembers something happened to an apple when he was playing catch with Asher.

Characters :

Gabe: new baby with light colored eyes like Jonas.

Birthmothers: have 3 babies and in 3 years and then are laborers for the rest of their lives.

Chapter 4: Summary: Jonas and Fiona volunteer at the House of the Old. Jonas gives Larissa a bath and talk about Roberto’s release.

Chapter 5: Summary: Jonas tells his dream about Fiona. He has “stirrings” and must take a pill to “cure” them as all adults do.

Chapter 6: Summary: The Ceremony of One has begun. Notice that Caleb is a Replacement Child and that the name Roberto has been recycled. “Release was not the same as Loss”(44) Gabe gets a special chance to be at the Nurturing Center an extra year.

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Fiona: Jonas’s friend and loves the old.

Caleb: The Replacement child for the lost child in the river

Roberto: an elderly man who celebrated Release and then the name given to a baby.

Chapter 7: Summary : Ceremony of Twelve. “Today we honor your differences”(52) Kids are given assignments. Jonas is skipped.


Fiona: Caretaker of the Old

Asher: Assistant Director of Recreation

Chapter 8: Summary: Jonas is selected as The Receiver. He has shown the necessary qualities of: Intelligence, Integrity, Courage, and Wisdom, and the Capacity to See Beyond

Other Notes: Qualities needed for The Receiver

Intelligence: a top student throughout school

Integrity: Always took his chastisement for any transgressions

Courage: Physical pain is involved

Wisdom: Will come through training

The Capacity to See Beyond : nobody knows.

Chapter 9 Summary: Jonas gets the rules for being the Receiver

1. No recreation

2.go home after training

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3. No discussing

4. No dream telling

6. Can’t apply for release

7. Can be rude, ask questions

Chapter 10: Summary : First day of training. Notices locked door, books, fancy furniture, can turn off speaker, and meets The Giver. Jonas will “receive” ALL memories. First one will be of sledding and snow.

Chapter 11: Summary: Jonas receives the memory of sledding and sunshine. The community went to sameness (climate control and flat land) to make transportation and life easier. Jonas asks about pain and gets a memory of a sunburn.

Notes: What is Sameness?

On page 86: What can you infer from the memory of the sunburn regarding the community’s view of pain? The Giver’s view?

Characters :

The Giver : the old man who is giving the memories to Jonas. He was the previous Receiver.

Chapter 12: Summary : Gabe is not sleeping well. Fiona’s hair changes. Jonas learns that he is seeing the color red. Since Sameness, all color is removed and all skin colors are the same (no different races). Jonas wants to see color and have a true climate. He receives the memory of a rainbow.

Notes: explain the “capacity to see beyond”

Chapter 13: Summary: Jonas wants choices: red or blue tunic. Giver explains why choices could be bad: jobs, spouses, etc. Jonas tries to give the memory of “red” to Asher, but it just freaks Asher out. Tries to give Lily an elephant: doesn’t work. Receiver may have a spouse and children.

Chapter 14: Summary : Another sledding memory, but he crashes and breaks his leg. Realizes true pain and that he was chosen to bear all burdens for the community. Gives Gabe the sailboat memory.

Chapter 15: Summary: Giver is having a bad day. Gives Jonas memory of the Civil War.

Chapter 16: Summary: Jonas is given the Giver’s favorite memory. It is one of Christmas, Grandparents, and Love. Later that evening he asks his parents if they love him only to be laughed at and reprimanded for using an obsolete word. His first lie to his parents is that he understands why it is obsolete. He has been giving Gabe good memories every night. He quits taking his pills.

Film / The Giver

What is unusual about Jonas and Gabes eyes? (1)

The Giver is a 2014 science fiction film directed by Phillip Noyce. It is an adaptation of Lois Lowry’s bestselling young adult novel of the same name, starring Brenton Thwaites as Jonas, Meryl Streep as the Chief Elder, Jeff Bridges as The Giver, Odeya Rush as Fiona, and Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsg�rd as Jonas’s parents.

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In the future, humanity has managed to eliminate all warfare, pain, illness, and suffering and has created a perfect society ruled by the nearly-omniscient Elders — but at the cost of removing any disruptive memories from the collective consciousness. Instead, these memories are passed on to the Receiver of Memory, whose job is to advise the Elders on any matter beyond their experience. When eighteen-year-old Jonas is chosen to become the next Receiver of Memory and unearths the secrets of Sameness under the watchful eye of his mentor, the current Receiver (called «Giver» by Jonas), the two of them conspire to change their society forever.

Tropes unique to the film:

  • Actionized Adaptation: In the book Jonas’s escape from the Community, while hastily-planned, went off without much incident. The film adaptation had him be discovered and added action sequences of him having to quickly escape with Gabriel, Fiona covering for him, and Asher searching for him with a drone plane.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: The blue eyes linked to seeing beyond are not mentioned in the film, and the indicator is instead a Birthmark of Destiny. Although Taylor Swift and the babies who play Gabe retain their paler eyes, Jonas has brown eyes instead of blue.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The film mentions The Ruin, although that wouldn’t be discussed in the books until Gathering Blue. The mechanism on how Jonas’s memories are shared with the community when he leaves is handwaved as being a technological force field he has to pass to release the memories, where in the book, it just happens with no real explanation.
  • Advertised Extra: Taylor Swift was heavily advertised as Rosemary, a Posthumous Character who appears in perhaps three scenes.
  • Adaptational Heroism: In the book, Fiona and Asher stay brainwashed, and have no such redemption that they do in the movie. Fiona is of special note, who is freed from her brainwashing before she can be trained to «release» people, whereas in the book the Giver reveals that she has already started releasing people, and is quite good at it too.
  • Adaptational Job Change: Fiona’s job was changed from Caretaker of the Old to Nurturer, while Asher’s was changed from «Assistant Director of Recreation» to that of a drone pilot. This allows them to play roles in Jonas’s escape.
  • Adaptational Villainy: The Community itself, most prominently the Chief Elder. In the book, the community and elders lived in genuine ignorance of suffering and hardship, but it seemed like a pure — if amoral — system free of corruption, with the Giver and later Jonas truly being the only two who knew about things like love and colors. In the film, there are many pieces of evidence fairly early on that certain higher ups are perfectly aware of the way the world was before and seem to be aware that they are committing heinous acts (including attacking and imprisoning The Giver; a thing that would never have happened in the books as he was a revered figure).
  • After the End: Ambiguous in the book (but stated in the sequels), the film confirms the fact that «The Giver» takes place after a tragedy known as «The Ruin.»
  • Age Lift: Jonas, Fiona, Asher, and their classmates were eleven going on twelve in the book (the «graduation to adulthood» ceremony is called the Ceremony of Twelve), but have been aged up to eighteen for the movie.
  • Ascended Extra: The Chief Elder of the Community is a minor character in the book, but is bumped up to be the Big Bad (as the representation of the totalitarian authority) here. To a lesser extent, Asher and Fiona have far more to do in the film than they have in the book.
  • Birthmark of Destiny: Here the ability to «see beyond» seems to be linked to a spot-shaped birthmark on one’s wrist, as opposed to the book where it was indicated by pale blue eyes.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Jonas and Fiona are this in the film, due to the latter having been Promoted to Love Interest from her role in the book—there’s even a montage shown in pictures of how close they’d been since children before they start making out.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Because humanity has lost the ability to see color, the first part of the film is initially in black and white, save for splashes of color when Jonas «sees beyond.» The film switches back to black and white when Jonas leaves the Community.
  • Dramatic Drop: At the climax, when the memories are returned to the community , Jonas’ father lets go of the injection machine just as he is about to administer a lethal injection and it slowly rotates back toward the wall.
  • The Evils of Free Will: The basis of the Community’s philosophy, which the Chief Elder makes clear near the ending.

Chief Elder: When people have the power to choose, they choose wrong. Every single time.

  • Rosemary was also the Giver’s biological daughter, implying that he and Chief Eldress were or are married .

Chief Elder: You have seen children starve. You’ve seen people stand on each other’s necks just for the view. You know what it feels like when men blow each other up. Over a simple line in the sand. Love is just passion that can turn. We can do better. It turns into contempt and murder. We could choose better. People are weak. People are selfish. When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong. Every single time.

The Symbolism of the Pale Eyes, Color Red and River in the Novel The Giver

What is unusual about Jonas and Gabes eyes? (2)

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What is unusual about Jonas and Gabes eyes? ›

Both Gabe and Jonas have light, pale eyes. Jonas is upset with Lily for drawing attention to the fact that his eyes are unlike most everyone else's dark eyes. Because people in the community chose Sameness, it is extremely rude to talk about things that are different.

What is unusual about Jonas and Gabe's eyes? ›

Lily remarks that Gabriel has “funny eyes” like Jonas—both boys have light eyes, while most people in the community have darker eyes.

What do Jonas and Gabriel's eyes have in common? ›

In "The Giver," Jonas and Gabriel have something very unique in common - they both have pale eyes. This trait sets them apart from the rest of the community, where everyone else has dark eyes. This similarity helps to form a special bond between the two characters as they journey together through the book.

What was unusual about Jonas and Gabriel? ›

Chapters 3-5

What was unusual about Jonas and the newchild? They both had pale eyes. Most of the Community members had dark eyes.

What is special about Jonas eyes? ›

Jonas, The Giver, and Gabriel all stand out in the community because of their blue eyes. This difference shows the impossibility of the community's efforts to control nature completely, no matter how hard it tries.

What did Jonas notice about Gabriel's eyes? ›

The first thing Lily and Jonas notice about Gabriel is that he has light eyes. Jonas was ''reminded that the light eyes were not only a rarity but gave the one who had them a certain look—what was it?

What do pale eyes mean in The Giver? ›

Several characters, including the protagonist, Jonas, the Giver himself, and Gabriel, the one-year old Jonas ends up saving from a eugenic death, have pale eyes. The pale eyes represent a special ability to see what others cannot, color.

What do Jonas and Gabriel's eyes symbolize in The Giver? ›

The light eyes connect these three characters. Since he has light eyes, Jonas can receive memories from The Giver, and, in turn, Jonas can pass along some of those memories to Gabriel. The eyes are a symbol of their ability to ''See Beyond'' and their abilities to receive and transmit memories.

Why does Jonas find it unsettling that he and Gabriel have the same eyes? ›

Originally Answered: Why might Jonas find it unsettling that he and Gabriel have similar eyes? Jonas finds unsettling because blue eyes are rare in the giver community and Gabriel could have the same ability as Jonas of "seeing beyond".

What was different about Jonas and the New Child eyes? ›

What was unusual about Jonas and the newchild? The newchild and Jonas both had pale eyes. Describe the Assignment of Birthmother.

Is Jonas color blind in The Giver? ›

Jonas and The Giver are the only citizens known to see colors. Jonas only began to see colors when the Giver gave him his first memories.

What kind of eyes does Jonas have? ›

Answer and Explanation: Jonas has blue eyes like the Giver and Gabriel.

What is the mystery of brown eyes? ›

The more melanin inside the iris, the more light is absorbed, meaning less light is reflected out, leaving the iris appearing brown. But when someone has blue eyes, they have less melanin in their iris, resulting in less light being absorbed and more light reflecting, or scattering, back out.

What happened with Gabriel's eye? ›

Why does Gabrielle cover her eye? Gabrielle usually keeps one eye covered due to a condition called ptosis. Ptosis is a condition where the eyelid may droop or fall. The eyeball itself isn't affected, but it might cause minor visual impairments.

Does Gabriel lose his eyesight in both eyes? ›

In "Dead or Alive Or" a sick Gabriel escapes with Harlan Carson. They travel for miles, and eventually reach a cabin that contains medicines. Gabriel's overall health begins to improve, but he begins to lose sight in his left eye.

What does Gabriel look like in The Giver? ›

The small fretful newchild whom Jonas's father takes home with him in order to help him sleep at night. Gabriel has pale eyes like Jonas and The Giver, which Jonas later learns are the color blue.

How are Jonas's eyes described in The Giver? ›

Answer: In "The Giver," Jonas is described as having light-colored eyes, which is unusual in his community, where everyone else has dark eyes. He also has light hair, which he describes as "pale" compared to his family members' hair, who have darker hair.

Why are mirrors rare in The Giver? ›

Why do you think mirrors were "rare"? People didn't like to focus on unsettling differences and mirrors reminded them of those differences.

Who has eyes like Jonas in The Giver? ›

Katharine was a Six who, like Jonas, Gabriel, and The Giver, has pale eyes. This signifies that she too probably had the capacity to See Beyond. She was mentioned once by Jonas and the Giver in Jonas's training period.

How does Jonas feel about having light Coloured eyes Why? ›

Both Gabe and Jonas have light, pale eyes. Jonas is upset with Lily for drawing attention to the fact that his eyes are unlike most everyone else's dark eyes. Because people in the community chose Sameness, it is extremely rude to talk about things that are different.

Who was blind in The Giver? ›

Kira's father was born Christopher but known as Seer. He is a blind man who sees more than most. He was married to Katrina and loves Kira very much but is devoted to staying in his village, and Kira did not want to go to his village. He houses Matt and thinks of him as his own son.

How old is Jonas in The Giver? ›

Jonas is an 18-year-old boy whose best friends are Asher and Fiona. On graduation day, Jonas is told that he will become the next Receiver of Memory and will progressively receive memories of history from his predecessor, the Giver.

Is Gabriel a baby in The Giver? ›

Gabriel. The newchild (baby) that Jonas's family cares for at night. He is sweet and adorable during the day, but he has trouble sleeping at night unless Jonas puts him to sleep with some memories. He and Jonas become very close.

What was the first color seen by Jonas? ›

The Giver presses Jonas to recall a quality in the bee which stung him (in a memory) –a quality Jonas first recognizes in Fiona's hair and then in an apple, the color red.

What was the most terrifying thing for Jonas and Gabriel? ›

The most terrifying thing was the planes. By now, days had passed; Jonas no longer knew how many.

Why did Jonas and Gabe cry? ›

It starts to rain, which lasts for two days. The rain is not as pleasant as it was in his memories. The cold, wet, and hunger make Gabriel cry. Jonas cries too, not because he is afraid he will die, but because if he dies he won't be able to save Gabriel.

What does Jonas accidentally do when Gabriel is crying in his room? ›

When Gabriel wakes up crying, Jonas pats his back while remembering a wonderful sail on a lake transmitted to him by the Giver. He realizes that he is unwittingly transmitting the memory to Gabriel and stops himself. Later, he transmits the whole memory and Gabriel stops crying and sleeps.

How are Jonas's eyes different from everyone else's in the community? ›

One trait that instantly marks him as different is his eyes. Unlike virtually everyone else in the Community, Jonas has pale eyes while everyone else has dark eyes.

What was Gabriel's main problem? ›

Answer and Explanation: In chapter 14 of The Giver, the only problem with Gabriel is that he does not sleep peacefully through the night. This is a requirement for all infants from the Nurturing Center before they can go through the Ceremony of One and be placed with a family.

What is the name of the baby that has a similar eye color to Jonas? ›

The fact that the newchild Gabriel has the same color eyes as Jonas and the Receiver indicates that his character will play a very significant role in the novel.

Why does Jonas find it unsettling that he and Gabriel have similar eyes? ›

Originally Answered: Why might Jonas find it unsettling that he and Gabriel have similar eyes? Jonas finds unsettling because blue eyes are rare in the giver community and Gabriel could have the same ability as Jonas of "seeing beyond".

Why does Jonas not like that Lily compares Gabriel's eyes to his? ›

Both Gabe and Jonas have light, pale eyes. Jonas is upset with Lily for drawing attention to the fact that his eyes are unlike most everyone else's dark eyes. Because people in the community chose Sameness, it is extremely rude to talk about things that are different.

What are golden brown eyes called? ›

Like the gemstone they're named for, amber eyes can exist in a variety of shades. You can think of amber eyes as being a light brown color with either a golden or copper tint to them. Amber eyes are sometimes called golden eyes when their shade leans toward the yellow hue.

What do the rarest eyes look like? ›

Green is considered by some to be the actual rarest eye color in the world, though others would say it's been dethroned by red, violet, and grey eyes. Green eyes don't possess a lot of melanin, which creates a Rayleigh scattering effect: Light gets reflected and scattered by the eyes instead of absorbed by pigment.

What happens to Gabriel's eyes? ›

Gabrielle has a medical condition called ptosis, also known as blepharoptosis. The condition can cause the upper eyelid to droop or fall. Ptosis doesn't impact the eye itself, but can cause minor visual impairments.


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